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Some Examples of our Members' Art

Members can swap out their featured gallery image by e-mailing it to the editor

If you are a club member and don't see your art here, please consider submitting an image.

If you have a web site for your photography please send it to me to be displayed with your gallery image

How to format your gallery images

Tiger Swallowtail on Blackberry Lily-Bochert.jpg

Carol Bochert

"Tiger Swallowtail on Blackberry Lily"

Caracara Fight-Boyd.jpg

David Boyd

"Caracara Fight"

Passing By-MJ Branscome.jpg

Mary Jane Branscome

"Passing By"

Chululy 1-Jones.jpg

Shiela Jones


Ypre Cloth Hall-Fleckenstein.jpg

Mike Fleckenstein

"Cloth Hall, Ypres, BE"

Candlelight Snack-Lee Cochrane.jpg

Lee Cochrane

"Candlelight Snack"

Uganda Female-McClintock.jpg

Chris McClintock

"Uganda Female"


In Time, a First Grandchild-Carrigan.jpg

Diane Carrigan

"In Time, a First Grandchild"


Taylor Cullar


Feeling Froggy-Mark Harris.jpeg

Mark Harris

"Feeling Froggy"

LaFratta_Judy_Hanging Hot.jpg

Judy LaFratta

"Hanging Hot"

Chincoteague Sunrise-Parrish.jpg

Penny Parrish

"Chincoteague Sunrise"

Plants-Roadside Surprise.jpg

Sheryl Sinche

"Roadside Suprise"

Windmills-Helen Schwartz.jpg

Helen Schwartz


Leesylvania Glow Odell Smith.jpg

Odell Smith

"Leesylvania Glow"

Beautiful Dreamer-Varela.jpg

Vicki Varela

"Beautiful Dreamer"

Michael Smith,- Yellow Rose of Texas.JPG

Michael Smith

"Yellow Rose of Texas"


Andy Sentipal


Elakala Falls - Wolfe.jpg

Mary Lynn Wolfe

"Elakala Falls"

The Finish Line - Matt DeZee.jpg

Matt DeZee

"The Finish Line"

The Potter's Hand_Norma Woodward.jpg

Norma Woodward

"The Potters Hand"

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