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Tuesday, November 9, 2021 @ 7pm

If arrangements can be finalized we will return to an in person format  at Dorothy Hart Community Center which will include a Virtual Zoom component to accommodate those who cannot attend in person.

A link to the virtual meeting will be sent a few days prior to the meeting


 Photo Journaling - by Norma Woodward

Longtime club member Norma Woodward travels coast to coast across America, and occasionally  internationally.  As she visits new places she maintains a journal of her travels which she shares via e-mail with anyone who has requested to be added to her mailing list. If you've ever found yourself wishing you had recorded your thoughts and impressions on similar journeys, Learning about Norma's methods will be very informative.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month

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November 9 (Tuesday)

December 9 (Thursday)

October 2021 meeting highlights

Submitted by Rosanne Rabito, Secretary

The club continued to hold its meeting via the Zoom app. Members were sent a link via e-mail that they could click on to join the meeting.

 Fifteen people participated. Our President, Judy LaFratta, opened the meeting, announcing that Helen Schwartz will not be serving as Vice-President for the next term, so the position is open to any interested member. All positions on the Board are open and, if there is more than one nomination, there will be an election. The club has filed to hold its Christmas party in person at the Dorothy Hart Center on December 9 but, since the Center closes at 8:30PM, we will have to pay extra if we want to stay until 9:00PM. The question of food was also brought up since the club is not sure if we can bring in outside food for a pot luck. There was a discussion about the logistics for holding future meetings at the center. Do we do a hybrid meeting, in person and via Zoom? If that’s the case, will we have access to WIFI? Do we start at 6:30PM and end at 8:30PM? Do we pay for January and February? What will be the mask policy? These are all issues we have to think about.

          The subject of the month for the “Shuttertalk” newsletter will be “Vintage.” As usual, photos should be sent to Norma Woodward. Members are also encouraged to share any news about upcoming exhibitions or any prizes they have won. The recent show at FCCA turned out well. The deadline for the 6x6 Annual Exhibit at Liberty Arts Town is October 29. The show at the Louisa Arts Center will not take place until July 2022, but members can begin submitting in December. The November meeting will also be via Zoom. The presentation will be “Photo Journaling”, and will be presented by Norma Woodward. Members were encouraged to submit ideas for programs for 2022. Whether or not our club will be exhibiting at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center is still to be determined.


          Judy then introduced our guest, April Holliday, President of our sister club in Myrtle Beach, SC and home to our webmaster, Mike Fleckenstein, who would be critiquing the photos submitted on the topic of “Bridges.” Her comments were insightful and useful both to members who submitted the photo as well as to everyone else.

The Dorothy Hart Community Center is closed until further notice due to the Corona (COVID-19) Virus outbreak. 

Fredericksburg Parks & Rec Closures

Until the Community Center reopens we will hold our monthly meetings virtually using the Zoom virtual platform.

A link to the virtual meeting will be e-mailed to each member about 2 days before the meeting

If you don't receive the  link in your e-mail please contact Judy LaFratta

If you wish to participate in our Virtual meetings please e-mail

Subject line should be: "Request to Join Virtual Meetings"


  • If Fredericksburg City Schools are closed our meeting will not be held.

  • If Fredericksburg City Schools are on delayed opening our meeting will probably be held as scheduled.

Check online at  for latest information

If a meeting is to be cancelled due to inclement weather, you will be notified by email no later than 4:00 p.m., or you may call 540-498-0620 any time after 4:00 p.m. to find out if there is a meeting.

Featured  Image  for  october 2021


"Catch Light"

by Helen Schwartz

Members can submit a photo to the Gallery and it's eligible to be Featured Image of the Month

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Each month our Club Newsletter features a selection of photos on a theme. 

You may submit a maximum of two photos, formatted the same as you would for a meeting critique or for your Gallery, to the Newsletter Editor, Norma Woodward, no later than two weeks before the meeting date.

Subject line of the e-mail should be the theme subject and your name

Schedule of Newsletter Theme Subjects and Due Dates 

Month              Theme                          Due Date


November     "Vintage"                   (Oct.26, 2021)

December     "Hobbies"                  (Nov.30, 2021)

Show us your work

We offer several ways for you to share your images with friends, relatives & other club members.

You can have a gallery on this web site with it's own unique URL that you can share

You can show your images on Club Critique Nights & maybe get some helpful tips from other members

You can submit your photos to our monthly club newsletter.

  We have a different subject each month

Please be sure to format your images before submitting

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