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May   11      Presentation    Lightroom - by Lewis Katz     


June   8            Presentation   “On Safari with an Olympus Visionary”    by Ranjan                    

Ranjan Ramchandani (Olympus Visionary) is a Singapore based published photographer focusing on travel and wildlife. He calls himself a life long student of photography who does not like being categorized in any one genre. Ranjan has recently accepted the position of Asia/Africa Editor for the recently launched magazine in the United States - The Wild Lens.

He has honed his skills through photography expeditions around the globe including major wildlife destinations. He is also a graduate from the New York Institute of Photography.

To Ranjan photography is an art - A true medium of self-expression.  After his visits to Ladakh in India he was inspired to do his first coffee table book, “Swades: Ladakh: The Land of Splendor in September 2010. His book on the wildlife - Masi Mara , A wild escape - is due to be released by the end of April 2021.

Ranjan has thereafter been covered and published in various media in India and the US. Some publications include   - Sanctuary Asia,, Outdoor Photographer and recently The Wild Lens. He has also had 3 Magazine covers with The Wild Lens in the last one year.


Ranjan has extensively travelled across the world photographing the wilderness as wildlife is his passion. So far he has photographed Wildlife in - Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Finland and Vietnam. With COVID in play he has recently been discovering the reptile and Bird life of Singapore and is hoping to get back to Africa in 2021 where he conducts photography workshops.


He’s got recognition and awards at competitions from MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), PX3 (Paris), IPA (International photography Awards), OneEyeland awards, World Photo Gala Association, The Charles Dodgson Award and the Pollux Awards among many more.


Ranjan’s works have been shown by private galleries in India, Barcelona and Singapore; And was curetted for the 3rd Biennial of fine art and documentary photography at Malaga, Spain in 2014, the 4th Biennial of fine art and documentary photography at Berlin, Germany in 2016 and the 5th one which was held in Barcelona, Spain in 2018. 



July  13            Presentation    "Life in the Chesapeake Bay – Tangier Island, a Visual Journey"      with Irene Sacilotto

Just south of the Maryland line, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, lies Tangier Island, VA.  It is actually a series of small islands connected by narrow bridges spanning marshes and tidal creeks. From the mainland, it can only be reached by boat or small plane.  On its narrow roads, golf carts and bicycles replace cars as the primary mode of transportation.  It is a charming community of shop owners and waterman, with many inhabitants making their living on the water as did their ancestors, oystering and crabbing.

Recently, Tangier Island has been the focus of news stories as a possible casualty of climate change and sea level rise as each year flooding on the island becomes more frequent and erosion increases. This presentation is a visual journey, compiled from photos that I have taken over the years.  It explores life on Tangier and paints a picture of the island, waterman community, and the wildlife that inhabits its marshes, lagoons, and tidal guts.  Includes tips on photographing the waterman community and wildlife.

August  10         Critique              ( Update a photo from at least five years ago using new knowledge and software. Submit up to three pairs of before and after.)


September 14    Presentation   "Getting the most from your i-Phone when Travelling "   with Cynthia Whelan   

Cynthia Whelan will be sharing her iPhone photographs from her 2019 pilgrimage along the Way of Saint Francis, from Assisi to Rome, Italy.  If you have wondered about what camera you want to take on your next trip to Europe, Cynthia will be showing what can be done with an iPhone and the Lightroom mobile phone application. "I am an amateur photographer, travel blogger, and active member of the Olympia Camera Club in Washington.  I have been an armature travel blogger for four years, and my blog is non-commercial, with no advertisements, no endorsements, and no affiliate links. I am retired, and I do this for fun."


October  12      Critique                 Bridges  -  Guest  critic will be Master Photographer April Holliday from our "Sister" club in Myrtle Beach, SC

                                                       Submit up to 3 images to    (No more than one of the Fredericksburg Railway Bridge please)


November  9    Presentation           Photo Journaling - by Norma Woodward

Longtime club member Norma Woodward travels coast to coast across America, and occasionally  internationally.  As she visits new places she maintains a journal of her travels which she shares via e-mail with anyone who has requested to be added to her mailing list. If you've ever found yourself wishing you had recorded your thoughts and impressions on similar journeys, Learning about Norma's methods could be very informative.


December  14   Holiday "party"   (Let's hope by then it can be a "real" party!)

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